Party Djs in essex for any event or special occasion, experienced mobile djs will help make your occasion a special celebration.
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A great mobile disco sound system and super light show are essential if you want a successful party, but the most important disco party ingredient is the DJ and the music the DJ plays. A good Party Dj in Essex needs experience in all kinds of occasions and a vast knowledge of all kinds of music. The DJ needs also the ability to read the crowed and know which tunes will work best for each occasion and which tunes are out of context and best to leave out.

Party DJs in Essex

Its often thought anyone can be a DJ and play any records in any order and the party will be a great success. That's a bit like saying anyone can pick up a paint brush and splash some paint on a canvas to create a work of art. Although that worked fine for Jackson Pollock, it takes a vast amount of experience to make a good party DJ. With the right music mix your party should build to a crescendo where everyone is involved. Often this happens towards the end of the evening but sometimes certain factors such as a Sunday Christening party, with work the next day or if its a party with lots of parents of young children, may mean people will go home early. The DJ needs to gauge this and aim to peak the evening earlier if appropriate. There is no point playing all the the top tunes after most people have gone home. Essentially a good party DJ needs to have a fantastic knowledge of all kinds of music and adapt quickly. To do this well your party DJ needs years of experience performing at all kinds of Parties.

All DJs need real time, live experience, and everyone will make mistakes along the way, the more experience a DJ has the less mistakes are made in the future. Every DJ has got to learn the trade but most people would regret letting an inexperience Party DJ experiment on their special occasion while getting this essential practice. Unlike almost any other job you have to get it right on the night first time every time. Being reliable is critical, lets face it, if you call a plumber and he arrives two hours late or doesn't turn up at all it doesn't matter that much, you just book another plumber. Its inconvenient but hardly the end of the world. However if your DJ is even two minutes late or doesn't show up for your wedding party because you can't re spin the clock, it will seem worse than the end of the world.

Pro Mobile Disco always makes reliability a number one priority. If you are sure you can trust your DJ will arrive on time, the mobile disco equipment used will be of high quality and the DJ knows how to read a crowd then you will feel more relaxed and able to enjoy your party. DJ Jim Costello has performed at thousands of different parties covering every age range and mix of age groups. All dj's make mistakes but most of Jim's happened over 20 years ago. Jim will use very high specification mobile disco equipment and has the party experience to turn your occasion into a real celebration. Check Jim's DJ letters of recommendations on and book a great DJ in Essex.